A Private Space Dedicated to Your Fitness Goals

Working out at a traditional gym can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Everyone in the weight room seems to know exactly what they're doing, and it can feel like the whole room is staring at you. Even for the serious athlete, the fight for equipment and inadequate space can hinder your ability to properly train for your next event.  

Fitness Evolution provides an entirely different type of space to train in. Our boutique studio is a crowd-free, private and well-maintained facility where individuals and small groups work with a professional trainer. It's an ideal combination of atmosphere and expertise that lets you reach your goals faster.

No wasted time. Just results.

Life is hectic. We realize that's an understatement. Making time for your health is a challenge and when you're training to be at the top of your sport, every workout counts. All these factors are why you never break a sweat alone at Fitness Evolution. Your trainer will be there to motivate you and to ensure that each exercise (right down to the number of reps) is moving you closer to your goal. Be it toning up or getting in peak condition for a triathlon, every training session you have will be custom-tailored to accelerate your results.

Select the health and wellness services you want.

A dynamic team with backgrounds in personal training, athletic therapy, nutrition and various other disciplines comes with a naturally dynamic service offering. Whether you want athletic rehabilitation, meal planning, boot camp style classes, a faster slap shot or an incredible set of legs, we have the fitness professional perfect for the job.

Small Group Personal Training

Fitness Training Series - Strength

The Elevate Strength and Conditioning Training Series is a gritty training program to get that body moving in a high-energy group atmosphere. The goal is to teach you how to perform fundamental compound exercises to improve strength, muscle tone and fat loss. This training will allow you to further improve your performance and push you to new levels of fitness. It incorporates drills that are challenging, intense, and easy to follow. The program is for every woman or man who wants to transform their lives. No matter where your starting from, whether you’ve just had a baby, a weekend warrior wanting to improve performance, recovering from a serious injury or simply want to rock your target outfit (that’s been waiting in your cupboard). This program is about empowerment, getting your confidence back and feeling strong again. For 50/60 minutes you won’t have to worry about work, kids or whether the laundry was done. You will be focusing on you and getting to the place you want to be. This high energy group atmosphere will kickstart your fitness objectives, in still accountability for yourself and your peers and is recommended for all fitness levels

ELEVATE instructorJill Keilty (Physical Education Teacher, Personal Trainer and Powerlifter) will be leading each of the sessions.